Welcome to the world baby E!

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Newborn photos taken in the comfort of your own home are one of the most challenging and rewarding things I do.

They might not be perfect in the way of a studio image with nothing in the background, but they will be real, and, they will be perfectly you.

They will depict your life as it was when your baby (or babies) came home with you. Your very first weeks will be documented and never forgotten in the haze of sleepless nights. You will have timeless family heirloom photos to cherish forever.








Senior session-Olympic Sculpture Park


It’s that time of year, so I thought I’d post Eva’s high school senior photo session at the Seattle Art Museums’ Olympic Sculpture Park. If you haven’t been, it’s a wonderful place to see some modern sculpture and take in a view of Puget Sound. It was a fairly chilly day in March when we did these, but Eva and her moms were great sports. Thanks for a great session Eva, Jennifer and Laureen!

While people do their senior photos throughout the year, you might keep August in mind for a warmer time to do your photos. You’ll have them ready for the yearbook, and it’s the summer, so you’ll be less stressed and busy!


Business photos in Seattle


While you most often see family portraits on this blog, I do lots of different types of photography. This image was produced for a magazine, what we call editorial photography, however I also am commissioned by individuals to do photographs like this for their own websites and/or other promotional materials.

High School Senior Portrait-Capitol Hill, Seattle

Schenker_Annika_portrait_001 Schenker_Annika_portrait_002 Schenker_Annika_portrait_003 Schenker_Annika_portrait_003A Schenker_Annika_portrait_004 Schenker_Annika_portrait_005 Schenker_Annika_portrait_009Schenker_Annika_portrait_009A

Annika was just fantastic to work with, open to all sorts of ideas, and humored the photographer! And, her brother gave a great assist holding my reflector.

As a result, she was given a large selection (over 100) of images to chose from from our 2 hour session in Volunteer Park on Capitol Hill in Seattle. She hasn’t picked her favorites yet, but here are some of mine. As a side note, my choices are often very different than my clients.

Do you know anyone who didn’t get their Senior Portraits done in time for the yearbook, but still want to document this time in their lives? Or perhaps you are thinking ahead for August when you will get your portrait done when school’s out, and things are not so hectic. Either way, I hope you’ll consider me for your portraits.

My style is natural, relaxed and classic. Let’s just go out and have fun! There are no “poses” and number of outfit changes, just me revealing the best you!

Thanks for looking! Meryl


At home with Jack

Adrienne and Reid and Jack (3months) Adrienne and Reid and Jack (3months) Adrienne and Reid and Jack (3months) Adrienne and Reid and Jack (3months) Adrienne and Reid and Jack (3months) Adrienne and Reid and Jack (3months) Adrienne and Reid and Jack (3months) Adrienne and Reid and Jack (3months) Adrienne and Reid and Jack (3months) Adrienne and Reid and Jack (3months) Adrienne and Reid and Jack (3months) Adrienne and Reid and Jack (3months) Adrienne and Reid and Jack (3months) Adrienne and Reid and Jack (3months) Adrienne and Reid and Jack (3months) Adrienne and Reid and Jack (3months)


Oh Jack, you’ve won my heart. What a bundle of joy you are.

I’ve been spending a fair amount of time with 3 month old’s lately. Some parents don’t feel up to being photographed immediately after their baby is born, or they get those images at the hospital. But, they don’t want to wait for a 6 month old photo (which is a really good time for photos). So I’ll go their home and do what I call an in-home documentary photo session, or “a day in the life of..” These can vary in length according to the tolerance of the parents, since the child is just doing what they normally do-breastfeeding, making google eyes, or pooping.. 🙂 It usually works out to photograph between nap times. This age can be a little challenging and more time-consuming because the babies can’t hold themselves up, but the photos can be quite rewarding. I hope you’ll agree!

Seattle Family Portraits_Richmond Beach

Autumn at Richmond Beach Autumn at Richmond Beach Autumn at Richmond Beach Autumn at Richmond Beach Autumn at Richmond Beach Autumn at Richmond Beach Autumn at Richmond Beach Autumn at Richmond Beach Autumn at Richmond BeachAutumn at Richmond BeachI really dont know what to say about Autumn and her parents. The Edmonds couple and their 2 year old are as sweet as sugar! They did their thing, and I documented. Even though it was a summer day, the fog helped to get the harsh rays of the sun off their faces for our session. Cant wait for our next photo session!

Black and White Family Portraits-Studio

Kaleb and Charlyn Kaleb and Charlyn Kaleb and Charlyn Kaleb and CharlynKaleb and Charlyn Kaleb and Charlyn

Charlyn and Kaleb were really great to work with. They were both very nice people and Charlyn knew exactly what she wanted to achieve from our photo session- a strong black and white studio image of their relationship. Looking forward to their second session documenting Kaleb’s amazing basketball skills on the court (he currently plays for Mercer Island and is being recruited by many colleges) and more candid photographs in a park near their Seattle home.

Senior Portraits in West Seattle

Olivia Olivia Olivia Olivia Olivia Olivia Olivia

Olivia is an athlete and only had one weekend that worked for her, so we were going ahead with the photo session, rain or shine! Even though the forecast was for sun, when we met it was beginning to rain. Olivia and her mom were great sports. Her mom would hold the umbrella over her and then when we were ready to take the pictures, she’d quickly remove the umbrella and run out of the frame. After about 45 minutes, the sun came out, and her mom continued to be fabulous, playing assistant and holding my reflector. Thanks guys. You are terrific! Meryl

New Gates Foundation building

This is part two of my assignment for The New York Times.

The Gates Foundation will be relocating to this double horseshoe set of buildings across the street from the Space Needle.

I rode the elevator of The Needle to get the perspective of the EMP and Gates Foundation Building together to show how Paul Allen and Bill Gates have impacted Seattle, post Microsoft.

New Amazon.com building

A couple of weeks ago I had the opportunity to photograph the new Amazon.com and Gates Foundation building exteriors for the New York Times. I really enjoyed the assignment! I photographed them in the late afternoon on a beautiful Saturday, between days of rain. This post is the new Amazon.com buildings. The campus is extensive and growing in the South Lake Union area of Seattle.