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Claudia Rowe is a terrific writer and fantastic journalist I am fortunate to call my friend. Her book, “The Spider and The Fly” is scheduled to be released January, 2017 by Dey Street/HarperCollins and I can’t wait to read it! You can check out this blog post to get what the book is about.

Claudia Rowe

Seattle Pregnancy Session

Pregnancy photos, Maternity Photos, West Seattle, Studio photography, Meryl Schenker Photography,

Pregnancy photos, Maternity Photos, West Seattle, Studio photography

Pregnancy photos, Maternity Photos, West Seattle, Studio photography

No, we don’t all look like Ingrid when 32 weeks pregnant. She is stunning. But whatever your body type or level of comfort with nudity, I can make a beautiful portrait of you. These are only three from a studio session that produced hundreds of images. I just want to give you an idea of what’s possible.

On-location family portraits_Lincoln Park_West Seattle

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I was called by Queen Anne mom Cecile to do an extended family portrait of 10 people-grandparents, two sets of parents and these children. And, we did those more structured pictures. But what I hope to achieve during those sessions as well, is also capturing these moments in between the more formal portraits. I love capturing natural emotion, and don’t want children to “smile for the camera. ” My hope is that you will find these as successful as I feel they are. Thanks for looking.