Business photos in Seattle


While you most often see family portraits on this blog, I do lots of different types of photography. This image was produced for a magazine, what we call editorial photography, however I also am commissioned by individuals to do photographs like this for their own websites and/or other promotional materials.

Law firm photography

When my client, Karen Koehler and SKWC, suggested doing a photo shoot that involved a more unique look, I was excited! No more lining people up! She used Annie Leibovitz’s work in Vanity Fair as an example of the look she was going for. Photographing large groups of people can be a challenge, but I couldn’t wait.  While the law firm is located in Seattle’s lower Queen Anne neighborhood, the shoot was at the Washington Athletic Club. The funny thing is that the photo was done as a general law firm portrait. But with Karen’s placement in the photo, it just happened to work great for an advertisement honoring Karen for inclusion on the 2012 Top 50 Women Washington Super Lawyers list. Congratulations Karen Koehler!

Governor Gregoire and Mt. Rainier

I took this photo while working on a self-generated photo story for the Seattle Post-Intelligencer newspaper where I worked for over 12 years. I thought I’d post it first on my new blog because it’s a fairly unique moment. I spent a lot of time with the Governor during her first 100 days in office. After gaining her trust, I was allowed to travel on a small private plane with her as she traveled back and forth to Yakima for government business.

Technical tip- Usually, it would be very difficult to get the inside and outside exposure correct but because there was a polarizing filter on the window,  Mt. Rainier can be seen clearly. There is no photo manipulation in this photo, or any of my photos.  If you were in this situation and there was no filter on the window, you would expose for the outside and use flash inside the plane-preferably bounced.