At home documentary photography-West Seattle

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This is Sullivan. Yes, he is as adorable and good natured as he looks. He takes after his mom! At home documentary sessions are one of my favorite things to do. Especially with newborns,┬ábabies and toddlers. There is way more to do with them in their home environment than in a park or studio. We took photographs of him getting a bath, eating, and breastfeeding. This is only a small sample of the hundreds of digital negatives you can choose from in a documentary family photo shoot. Whether you chose to do one “day in the life session” or several over the course of baby’s first year (or their childhood), you will never regret having these “real” photos in your collection.



Black and White Family Portraits-Studio

Kaleb and Charlyn Kaleb and Charlyn Kaleb and Charlyn Kaleb and CharlynKaleb and Charlyn Kaleb and Charlyn

Charlyn and Kaleb were really great to work with. They were both very nice people and Charlyn knew exactly what she wanted to achieve from our photo session- a strong black and white studio image of their relationship. Looking forward to their second session documenting Kaleb’s amazing basketball skills on the court (he currently plays for Mercer Island and is being recruited by many colleges) and more candid photographs in a park near their Seattle home.