North Seattle Family Portraits








For privacy I don’t even put my clients first names on the blog anymore, but I’ve known these wonderful folks we’ll call J, V and M, for many years. I’m posting these as an example of a family session with a 9-year-old in their backyard and on the street in front of their home.

A lot of folks stop doing sessions after the first few years, but why??? Having these special portraits and memories is a better use of your hard-earned dollars than “stuff.” No, it’s not inexpensive, as my skills have taken years and years to develop, but it’s an investment you will not regret!

J, V and M live in the Ballard/Crown Hill area, and we did the photography session in the evening, when the sun had dipped, and the light was soft. We included the grandparents for some shots.

When you get a “disk” from me, now a digital download (most computers don’t even have CD players anymore) or thumb drive, you can expect to get way too many wonderful images to make your own albums, prints, and/or to share on social media.

Speaking of the images. I currently use digital equipment and every image I create for you is therefore available in color and/or black and white. The first image is “Sepia toned” a version of black and white that works really well on selected images.

Lastly, it’s really important to make prints of your favorites. Family heirlooms should not be left on a computer and should be printed on good quality paper and displayed!


At home with Jack

Adrienne and Reid and Jack (3months) Adrienne and Reid and Jack (3months) Adrienne and Reid and Jack (3months) Adrienne and Reid and Jack (3months) Adrienne and Reid and Jack (3months) Adrienne and Reid and Jack (3months) Adrienne and Reid and Jack (3months) Adrienne and Reid and Jack (3months) Adrienne and Reid and Jack (3months) Adrienne and Reid and Jack (3months) Adrienne and Reid and Jack (3months) Adrienne and Reid and Jack (3months) Adrienne and Reid and Jack (3months) Adrienne and Reid and Jack (3months) Adrienne and Reid and Jack (3months) Adrienne and Reid and Jack (3months)


Oh Jack, you’ve won my heart. What a bundle of joy you are.

I’ve been spending a fair amount of time with 3 month old’s lately. Some parents don’t feel up to being photographed immediately after their baby is born, or they get those images at the hospital. But, they don’t want to wait for a 6 month old photo (which is a really good time for photos). So I’ll go their home and do what I call an in-home documentary photo session, or “a day in the life of..” These can vary in length according to the tolerance of the parents, since the child is just doing what they normally do-breastfeeding, making google eyes, or pooping.. 🙂 It usually works out to photograph between nap times. This age can be a little challenging and more time-consuming because the babies can’t hold themselves up, but the photos can be quite rewarding. I hope you’ll agree!

On-location family portraits_Lincoln Park_West Seattle

Schenker_children_1A Schenker_children_2A Schenker_children_3A Schenker_children_4A Schenker_children_5A Schenker_children_6A Schenker_children_7A Schenker_children_8A

I was called by Queen Anne mom Cecile to do an extended family portrait of 10 people-grandparents, two sets of parents and these children. And, we did those more structured pictures. But what I hope to achieve during those sessions as well, is also capturing these moments in between the more formal portraits. I love capturing natural emotion, and don’t want children to “smile for the camera. ” My hope is that you will find these as successful as I feel they are. Thanks for looking.

At home documentary photography-West Seattle

schenker_sullivan_1 schenker_sullivan_2 schenker_sullivan_3 schenker_sullivan_04 schenker_sullivan_5 schenker_sullivan_06 schenker_sullivan_08 schenker_sullivan_09

This is Sullivan. Yes, he is as adorable and good natured as he looks. He takes after his mom! At home documentary sessions are one of my favorite things to do. Especially with newborns, babies and toddlers. There is way more to do with them in their home environment than in a park or studio. We took photographs of him getting a bath, eating, and breastfeeding. This is only a small sample of the hundreds of digital negatives you can choose from in a documentary family photo shoot. Whether you chose to do one “day in the life session” or several over the course of baby’s first year (or their childhood), you will never regret having these “real” photos in your collection.



At home with the C family-Queen Anne Session

Seattle Family Photography Seattle Family Photography Seattle Family PhotographySeattle Family PhotographySeattle Family Photography Seattle Family Photography Seattle Family Photography Seattle Family PhotographyIt is an honor and a real joy to spend time at home with a family, documenting their real life. While a few set-up shots may work themselves into the photo session, most of what you see is not set-up. The moments are captured on film as they unfold. That is how people feel most at ease allowing their real personality to shine through!

On-location documentary family portraits

schenker_kathy_1b schenker_kathy_2b schenker_kathy-3A schenker_kathy-4A schenker_kathy-5A schenker_kathy-6A schenker_kathy-7A schenker_kathy-8A schenker_kathy-9A schenker_kathy-10C

Three sisters and their families got together this summer and had me join them for a half-day to document their reunion. It was such a special time as the sisters live far apart. They gathered at their family home in Bellingham where we were able to do what I call an extended family session.

As the cousins explored the property, played together in the mud, and crafted mohawks, I was able to capture moments that one simply cannot orchestrate. There are too many “keepers” to display on a blog, but these were my absolute favorites. The ones that hopefully go beyond pretty pictures and capture moments that will be forever remembered in their minds and recalled through photographs.

Along with these stand outs, the family also received group photos and individual family photos. Each family received a disk, so there is no trying to decide what to purchase. They got them all!

I really love extended sessions because there is more time to work and get to know the personalities of the people and document them as they really are.

Seattle Family Portraits_Richmond Beach

Autumn at Richmond Beach Autumn at Richmond Beach Autumn at Richmond Beach Autumn at Richmond Beach Autumn at Richmond Beach Autumn at Richmond Beach Autumn at Richmond Beach Autumn at Richmond Beach Autumn at Richmond BeachAutumn at Richmond BeachI really dont know what to say about Autumn and her parents. The Edmonds couple and their 2 year old are as sweet as sugar! They did their thing, and I documented. Even though it was a summer day, the fog helped to get the harsh rays of the sun off their faces for our session. Cant wait for our next photo session!

Documentary Family Photography_West Seattle

schenker_frith 011 schenker_frith 015 schenker_frith 022A schenker_frith 037 schenker_frith 042 schenker_frith 044 schenker_frith 046 schenker_frith 048 schenker_frith 049 schenker_frith 050 schenker_frith 053 schenker_frith 056 schenker_frith 060 schenker_frith 064A schenker_frith 067A schenker_frith 071 schenker_frith 075 schenker_frith 093A schenker_frith 099 schenker_frith 124A schenker_frith 126

What will you remember about your life? Will it be the house with the big backyard where you had tea with mom or picked a poppy for dad? Family photography comes in all types, but I encourage you to consider documenting your real life. It can be at your home, but I can also tag along with you for a day at the beach, a trip to the tulip fields or a pumpkin patch.

Seattle Child Photography

Carter is a very active two-year-old. It may look like he is standing still, but I can assure you, he was not! My photojournalism background comes in very handy when following children running around in their environment. Carter was photographed on-location in his West Seattle home. What a blast! I also photographed him jumping on his parents bed, running around naked (what a tush! -:)) and his quiet moods too. But we’ve save those for his parents. I love documenting children as they really are. Meryl