Presenting Layla Grace- 11 days old in West Seattle

Schenker_Layla_newborn_1 Schenker_Layla_newborn_2 Schenker_Layla_newborn_3A Schenker_Layla_newborn_4 Schenker_Layla_newborn_6 Schenker_Layla_newborn_7 Schenker_Layla_newborn_8 Schenker_Layla_newborn_9B Schenker_Layla_newborn_10

Congratulations Ingrid and Aaron! What a beautiful family you have. And to let everyone know, this is a small sample of what an in-home newborn session can look like.

Every family, home and session is different, but this is realistic for you! While these two may look like models, they are real people!

We find a spot or spots in your home that have some natural light (I can do with less than you think) and I spend between 2-3 hours with you documenting anything from your baby alone, to breastfeeding, to the whole family. It’s all about you and what you want!

Not pictured are over 100 other images the family received to have forever as cherished memories of their newborn.

A blog post can only be a small sample of our work together, and while my favorites are usually black and white, and while I think I’m more known for black and white, most of the images are available in color as well. In fact some of Ingrid’s favorites are in color with a beautiful flower crown made by Flower Lab in West Seattle. I’ll  show them in a second post if I can ever find the time!

I hope this will give you an idea of what I can do for you and your family as we create together.


Seattle Pregnancy Session

Pregnancy photos, Maternity Photos, West Seattle, Studio photography, Meryl Schenker Photography,

Pregnancy photos, Maternity Photos, West Seattle, Studio photography

Pregnancy photos, Maternity Photos, West Seattle, Studio photography

No, we don’t all look like Ingrid when 32 weeks pregnant. She is stunning. But whatever your body type or level of comfort with nudity, I can make a beautiful portrait of you. These are only three from a studio session that produced hundreds of images. I just want to give you an idea of what’s possible.

High School Senior -West Seattle

Corey, Grady and Macey

Corey, Grady and Macey

Corey, Grady and Macey

Corey, Grady and Macey

Corey, Grady and Macey

When Macey’s mom called me to photograph her daughter, she didnt tell me how amazing and sweet Macey was until I prodded. Macey is ASB president of a local Seattle high school, placed third in the state for her league in poll vaulting, and apparently can also model if she’d like! After getting the more “expected photos” towards the end of the session the setting sun and the natural beauty combined to turn into the above. Let me know what you like and what you don’t. Thanks! Meryl

A day in the life_Ari

Ari, Four years old Ari, Four years old Ari, Four years old Ari, Four years old Ari, Four years old Ari, Four years old Ari, Four years old Ari, Four years old Ari, Four years old Ari, Four years old Ari, Four years old Ari, Four years old Ari, Four years old Ari, Four years old Ari, Four years old


If I could give any advice to parents taking photos of their children, it is, let the children be themselves. Don’t make them smile for the camera. To me, this makes the best photographs. I hope you’ll agree.

On-location family portraits_Lincoln Park_West Seattle

Schenker_children_1A Schenker_children_2A Schenker_children_3A Schenker_children_4A Schenker_children_5A Schenker_children_6A Schenker_children_7A Schenker_children_8A

I was called by Queen Anne mom Cecile to do an extended family portrait of 10 people-grandparents, two sets of parents and these children. And, we did those more structured pictures. But what I hope to achieve during those sessions as well, is also capturing these moments in between the more formal portraits. I love capturing natural emotion, and don’t want children to “smile for the camera. ” My hope is that you will find these as successful as I feel they are. Thanks for looking.

At home documentary photography-West Seattle

schenker_sullivan_1 schenker_sullivan_2 schenker_sullivan_3 schenker_sullivan_04 schenker_sullivan_5 schenker_sullivan_06 schenker_sullivan_08 schenker_sullivan_09

This is Sullivan. Yes, he is as adorable and good natured as he looks. He takes after his mom! At home documentary sessions are one of my favorite things to do. Especially with newborns, babies and toddlers. There is way more to do with them in their home environment than in a park or studio. We took photographs of him getting a bath, eating, and breastfeeding. This is only a small sample of the hundreds of digital negatives you can choose from in a documentary family photo shoot. Whether you chose to do one “day in the life session” or several over the course of baby’s first year (or their childhood), you will never regret having these “real” photos in your collection.



Family photography_West Seattle

James Ward schenker_familyphotography_2 schenker_familyphotography_3 schenker_familyphotography_4 schenker_familyphotography_5 schenker_familyphotography_7

Sara received a gift certificate for this photo session as a birthday present from her mom. Late Fall provided great light in Lincoln Park in West Seattle, and fabulous parents provided lots of love and tickles so we could get some sweet images. Thank you Sara, Jacobe, Cora, Ryder and Ann!

Janine and Jon_Portraits of Love

Jon and Janine Jon and Janine Jon and Janine Jon and Janine Jon and Janine Jon and Janine

Janine and Jon are both interesting and sweet on their own, but I love them as a couple! They wanted to do a portrait session before their wedding, which I also photographed. Two days before their wedding we went to the woods near where they live in West Seattle. They spend a lot of time there with their dogs (their family!) and wanted to preserve their memories. I hope I did them justice. They are just wonderful!

Documentary Family Photography_West Seattle

schenker_frith 011 schenker_frith 015 schenker_frith 022A schenker_frith 037 schenker_frith 042 schenker_frith 044 schenker_frith 046 schenker_frith 048 schenker_frith 049 schenker_frith 050 schenker_frith 053 schenker_frith 056 schenker_frith 060 schenker_frith 064A schenker_frith 067A schenker_frith 071 schenker_frith 075 schenker_frith 093A schenker_frith 099 schenker_frith 124A schenker_frith 126

What will you remember about your life? Will it be the house with the big backyard where you had tea with mom or picked a poppy for dad? Family photography comes in all types, but I encourage you to consider documenting your real life. It can be at your home, but I can also tag along with you for a day at the beach, a trip to the tulip fields or a pumpkin patch.

Senior Portraits in West Seattle

Olivia Olivia Olivia Olivia Olivia Olivia Olivia

Olivia is an athlete and only had one weekend that worked for her, so we were going ahead with the photo session, rain or shine! Even though the forecast was for sun, when we met it was beginning to rain. Olivia and her mom were great sports. Her mom would hold the umbrella over her and then when we were ready to take the pictures, she’d quickly remove the umbrella and run out of the frame. After about 45 minutes, the sun came out, and her mom continued to be fabulous, playing assistant and holding my reflector. Thanks guys. You are terrific! Meryl