North Seattle Family Portraits








For privacy I don’t even put my clients first names on the blog anymore, but I’ve known these wonderful folks we’ll call J, V and M, for many years. I’m posting these as an example of a family session with a 9-year-old in their backyard and on the street in front of their home.

A lot of folks stop doing sessions after the first few years, but why??? Having these special portraits and memories is a better use of your hard-earned dollars than “stuff.” No, it’s not inexpensive, as my skills have taken years and years to develop, but it’s an investment you will not regret!

J, V and M live in the Ballard/Crown Hill area, and we did the photography session in the evening, when the sun had dipped, and the light was soft. We included the grandparents for some shots.

When you get a “disk” from me, now a digital download (most computers don’t even have CD players anymore) or thumb drive, you can expect to get way too many wonderful images to make your own albums, prints, and/or to share on social media.

Speaking of the images. I currently use digital equipment and every image I create for you is therefore available in color and/or black and white. The first image is “Sepia toned” a version of black and white that works really well on selected images.

Lastly, it’s really important to make prints of your favorites. Family heirlooms should not be left on a computer and should be printed on good quality paper and displayed!


Presenting Layla Grace- 11 days old in West Seattle

Schenker_Layla_newborn_1 Schenker_Layla_newborn_2 Schenker_Layla_newborn_3A Schenker_Layla_newborn_4 Schenker_Layla_newborn_6 Schenker_Layla_newborn_7 Schenker_Layla_newborn_8 Schenker_Layla_newborn_9B Schenker_Layla_newborn_10

Congratulations Ingrid and Aaron! What a beautiful family you have. And to let everyone know, this is a small sample of what an in-home newborn session can look like.

Every family, home and session is different, but this is realistic for you! While these two may look like models, they are real people!

We find a spot or spots in your home that have some natural light (I can do with less than you think) and I spend between 2-3 hours with you documenting anything from your baby alone, to breastfeeding, to the whole family. It’s all about you and what you want!

Not pictured are over 100 other images the family received to have forever as cherished memories of their newborn.

A blog post can only be a small sample of our work together, and while my favorites are usually black and white, and while I think I’m more known for black and white, most of the images are available in color as well. In fact some of Ingrid’s favorites are in color with a beautiful flower crown made by Flower Lab in West Seattle. I’ll  show them in a second post if I can ever find the time!

I hope this will give you an idea of what I can do for you and your family as we create together.


Documentary Family Photography_West Seattle

schenker_frith 011 schenker_frith 015 schenker_frith 022A schenker_frith 037 schenker_frith 042 schenker_frith 044 schenker_frith 046 schenker_frith 048 schenker_frith 049 schenker_frith 050 schenker_frith 053 schenker_frith 056 schenker_frith 060 schenker_frith 064A schenker_frith 067A schenker_frith 071 schenker_frith 075 schenker_frith 093A schenker_frith 099 schenker_frith 124A schenker_frith 126

What will you remember about your life? Will it be the house with the big backyard where you had tea with mom or picked a poppy for dad? Family photography comes in all types, but I encourage you to consider documenting your real life. It can be at your home, but I can also tag along with you for a day at the beach, a trip to the tulip fields or a pumpkin patch.

Black and White Family Portraits-Studio

Kaleb and Charlyn Kaleb and Charlyn Kaleb and Charlyn Kaleb and CharlynKaleb and Charlyn Kaleb and Charlyn

Charlyn and Kaleb were really great to work with. They were both very nice people and Charlyn knew exactly what she wanted to achieve from our photo session- a strong black and white studio image of their relationship. Looking forward to their second session documenting Kaleb’s amazing basketball skills on the court (he currently plays for Mercer Island and is being recruited by many colleges) and more candid photographs in a park near their Seattle home.

Documentary Family Photography-Twins

Graysen and Kaia, 9 weeks Graysen and Kaia, 9 weeks Graysen and Kaia, 9 weeks Graysen and Kaia, 9 weeks Graysen and Kaia, 9 weeks Graysen and Kaia, 9 weeks Graysen and Kaia, 9 weeks Graysen and Kaia, 9 weeks Graysen and Kaia, 9 weeks Graysen and Kaia, 9 weeks Graysen and Kaia, 9 weeks Graysen and Kaia, 9 weeks Graysen and Kaia, 9 weeks Graysen and Kaia, 9 weeks


A beautiful home filled with natural light and a couple obviously in love with each other, life and their newborn twins added up to a wonderful photo session in West Seattle. While it was difficult to get the twins awake or asleep at the same time, we made it work. I got some wonderful breastfeeding photos as well, but for the privacy of my client, not posting here. However, if you are interested in breastfeeding photos, it is something I do, and people really cherish.


Molly, 77, and her mother Helen, 99, live together in Florida. Helen will turn 100 this July, and is mentally and physically in good shape. Helen emigrated to this country from Greece in an arranged marriage at 18 years old. I have been considering doing a photo project on people over 85/90 in excellent shape. Any comments or ideas are welcome. Is this an interesting idea?

Reuben-8 weeks old

I am really enjoying working with Seattle families to produce photographs of their infants and children in their homes. Sometimes, it’s more convenient for moms and dads with new babies to have me come to them. I also photographed this little cutie before he was born, as I created a pregnancy portrait of his mom, Karey. I am preparing for a show at Birth and Beyond in Madison Valley in Seattle which begins on May 1. Very exciting!