Seattle Newborn Photography

Thank you snow for allowing me some time to catch up on my blogging! After doing this families pregnancy portrait, I had the honor of photographing their son at 6-days-old. It is really incredible to see infants as they adapt to their new world. As always, feedback is greatly appreciated. Warmly, Meryl

One thought on “Seattle Newborn Photography

  1. Nice photos. It constantly amazes me how fast they grow, how the days are long but the years are short. Just the other day my 4-year-old grandson walked up to the kitchen table and spelled C A T. Cat, then dog, then Nana. Later he opened my iPad and checked out the apps. Wanted to know why I didn’t have any games on it. Then he picked up my iPhone and played with an app. Later in the day after he went home, he used his mom’s iPhone to call me. He’s called me 17 times today. We are both snow bound. Here he is four and he can use an iPhone and an iPad. What will he do when he’s 5.

    Just looking at your baby photos makes me think how fast time flies. Have fun you’re making images that will be cherished forever.

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