Bridger and Dillon-Seattle Toddlers

I call this documentary family photography- Photographing children in their own environment. Bridger and Dillon didn’t stop moving, but that didnt stop me from capturing them! I love this type of photography as it suits my photojournalism background.

Michelle and Imogen-Pregnancy Photos

I really had a wonderful time making pregnancy photos with Michelle and her family. Their openness allowed for much creativity. I am very happy with this set of maternity photos, but I’d love feedback on which are your absolute favorites and if you prefer the color or black and white photographs. Thanks! Meryl

Karey and Jonah

In preparation for my upcoming exhibit of family photography at Birth and Beyond beginning on May 1, I am going through photos to decide what to display. I really enjoy working with families to document this special time in their lives. Here, Jonah is getting used to the idea of having a brother.

I do my pregnancy and family photography both on location and in my studio. Some people feel more comfortable in their own surroundings and some people like to come to my home where I have my studio.